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From cynicism about coaching to concrete progress

Over the last three months Tracy has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my career and I could not have steered through these changes without her help. I was very cynical about the whole notion of life coaching at first and definitely didn’t think it was something for me. Tracy’s coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of my work and to deal with problems and issues in a practical, effective way. … Read More

Grid of squares in tracydempsey.co colours (blues and greens)
Self-belief and action in difficult times

When I found myself struggling to find employment after months of applications, it created both self-doubt from constant rejection, and de-motivation from the lack of a definable future. Tracy helped me to look at an achievable strategy for long term goals, beyond my present situation. I regained the focus to make pro-active decisions, the self-belief to act on them, and the motivation to carry through when it was difficult.

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Student workshop: Helpful and inspiring

I attended a workshop at Belfast Metropolitan College and found Tracy’s approach very helpful and inspiring. Her ability to speak about her own experiences and how they can help others was the key element, the message of having belief in your own ability is something we sometimes forget and it’s nice to be reminded that we have power over own lives. I would highly recommend Tracy and her workshops.

Career coaching for work challenges

My self esteem was low as a result of my transfer to an alien environment and I was reluctant to discuss my difficulties with anyone as I felt it was me that was inadequate.
These worries and inhibitions proved to be totally misplaced, Tracy has a relaxed, friendly style that I found put me at ease immediately. She addressed my concerns and worries with the appropriate level of seriousness whilst at the same time maintaining a positive attitude that is enveloping… After four sessions I have overcome the difficulties that I faced in the work environment and seemed insurmountable only a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to practicing these lessons learned, with the tools Tracy has given me, in other areas of my life!… Read More

Tracy Dempsey coaching client - Eilis Phillips
Architect of my own future

I went to see Tracy as I was feeling dissatified with the direction my career was taking. Even after a brief chat I was able to see my problems in a new light. She helped me face my fears and made me realise that I was the architect of my own future and the only thing holding me back was my own preconceptions of what others thought of me. Her guidance really has benefitted me enormously.

Grid of squares in tracydempsey.co colours (blues and greens)
Confidence at work

After just one session with Tracy I felt re-energised and more focused. She helped me develop a game plan to make the most of my job and the opportunities I’ve been given. It’s great; I feel my situation has completely changed for the better, I am a lot more happier with my life and job as a result and am progressing every day. I can’t recommend Tracy enough. When I first contacted her I had literally no self belief or … Read More

Guiding students on stress, organisation & time management

I’ve brought Tracy into the college on numerous occasions. She’s been exceptionally helpful on guiding the [music] students on their career paths, dealing with stress and organisational and time management skills. I’ve also personally found her lectures exceptionally useful. I highly recommend working with Tracy in any format you get the opportunity to do so. She’s exceptionally helpful and a lovely person to be around.

From depression to a new path

Before I started life coaching with Tracy, I was stuck in a rut going nowhere fast. I had lost all sense of direction in my life, it wasn’t surprising that I was suffering from depression as I didn’t do much to help myself during the period of my life that I now call ‘my darkness phase’. I found it extremely hard to mix with other people, so I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t get along with Tracy, however this really … Read More

Tracy Dempsey coaching testimonial - Brian Pelan
Coaching for a successful funding pitch

I have no hesitation in endorsing Tracy Dempsey. She provided invaluable coaching techniques to me as part of my bid to secure funding, which was successful. I found her to be warm and engaging with loads of creative thinking into how I should prepare my pitch. I would welcome the opportunity to use her services again in the future and would highly recommend her to any new clients or people who want to use her first-class coaching services.

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