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Getting back on track after redundancy

I was devastated last year when I was made redundant. I quickly felt my self-esteem and confidence leaving me as I struggled to come to terms with being unemployed for the first time in my adult life. Tracy really helped me get back on track, firstly by helping me realise that what had happened to me was not my fault. The economic downturn was beyond my control, what I needed to do was concentrate on the things I could control … Read More

Professional, informed and entertaining

Tracy worked on various speech based programmes with me on BBC Radio Ulster. Her input was that of a co-presenter and specialist guest. Tracy was an excellent addition to the programming and was vital to the output. She was professional, informed and entertaining. Her tone, expertise and professionalism were complimented by her broadcast friendly voice.

Tracy Dempsey client testimonials - Liam McGarry
Amongst so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff

Tracy is a star, friendly, helpful and full of ideas, energy and useful advice. I’d met Tracy a few times at previous events and her personality, coaching background and social media knowledge stood out. She helped me undertake a presentation on social media to a group of digital media start-ups, followed by individual mentoring on presentation skills, which resulted in the participant securing funding. In an area where you can get a lot of so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff, … Read More

Grid of squares in colours (blues and greens)
Transforming a difficult relationship

Tracy was an enormous help to me with an extremely difficult situation I was having at work. I had been struggling with this situation for six months, but Tracy was able to challenge me into seeing the situation from the other person’s perspective – a difficult thing to do at the time! Once I absorbed her advice, things quickly started to improve. I would heartily and happily recommend Tracy as an intelligent, perceptive life coach who is able to get … Read More

Tracy Dempsey client testimonial - Gabriele Zampieri
Finally doing what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time

Tracy is very motivational, helpful and I like her sense of humour! She showed me how to improve my job interview skills, how to promote myself on social media, how to gain self-confidence. Most importantly, she helped me see my strengths and cope with my weaknesses. I felt so much better after every session.

Tracy showed me how to challenge myself and achieve my goals and now I’m leading a group of people working on an international development programme in Lesotho (southern Africa). I’m finally doing what I had been wanting to do for a long time! I now realise the importance of our sessions for my personal growth; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend coaching with Tracy!… Read More


Contact I coach clients worldwide via phone/video calls and can travel for training and speaking engagements. Let me know what you need using the simple form below. All of your private communications with me are 100% confidential, including any initial enquiry – no-one sees your message but me. Please note: I do not offer coach training or coaching, and can’t make recommendations on providers. Consider contacting a national/international coaching federation for information. I split my time between the UK, Ireland and … Read More

Tracy Dempsey client testimonial - Nick Fitzsimons
Landed job I wanted in new industry

Tracy provided energy and focus for my job search, pointing out things I might’ve missed in my CV, skills and experiences that I could highlight to make me more attractive to employers as well as helping with interview techniques and approaches that improved not just the number of interviews I was getting, but the quality of performance in those interviews. Tracy’s experience and advice helped me re-frame my experience for employers in my target industry, despite my having little to … Read More

Helped break down that feeling of overwhelm

Having recently relocated to Belfast from Burma I was looking for some guidance about re-starting my acting career and how to juggle that with other creative work and motherhood, as well as everything that goes with a major move to a new city.

Within 5 minutes of our first conversation Tracy had pointed out several observations, ferreted out my true motivation and suggested some concrete action points. In fact I came away from that first session with pages of suggested techniques and a timetable of tasks to help me achieve my goal.

Discovering what fed my creative soul was invaluable and some of the suggested exercises have now become habit. I’m delighted to say I very quickly found an agent and I continue to make progress with my acting and my writing. Tracy helped to break down that feeling of overwhelm to manageable pieces and made me feel like I was in control again. … Read More

Success Stories

Looking for inspiration? Read some of my clients’ success stories.   For over 15 years, I’ve been helping clients improve their lives, businesses, careers and relationships. If you’d like me to help you in any of these areas, get in touch. Note: confidentiality is a critical part of the coaching relationship; permission was given by each client below to share their feedback and details. Some have opted to share only partial names or initials to maintain privacy, but all are genuine … Read More


Do you feel stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Lost? Or maybe excited about a project, but unsure of your next move? I can help you: Feel better about where and who you are right now Get clear on what you want to do or have, and how you want to be Let go of toxic habits and relationships – and build better ones! Get motivated and plan your next move(s) Learn how to make changes stick (it’s never too late!) Learn how to make … Read More

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