Demotivated despite counselling – learned how to handle things better

I’ve always found my current working environment to be quite stagnant and having gone through a major personal crisis I was struggling desperately to concentrate and find motivation. My colleagues were very patient but I was utterly miserable and achieved very little on a day to day basis. I didn’t really know what way to turn, I was already getting counselling but this wasn’t really addressing specific work issues and my lack of motivation.

I had not been functioning properly for several months and it was starting to become obvious to clients and partners, moreover, I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.

Having met Tracy through work on a couple of occasions I knew she was an extremely creative and motivational person so when I saw her advertisement for one-to-one sessions…I felt it could be really beneficial for me.

I had two hour-long telephone sessions with Tracy. During these we did a lot of talking! We looked at my motivation and self-worth within my current workplace, we explored the barriers (hurdles as Tracy calls them) and ways over and around them. Tracy clearly had a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of motivational tools and theories and I found this to be extremely useful. She also was able to give me great tips to encourage my creative development.

I guess though, what stands out most to me is how Tracy made me see that although I cannot currently change my circumstances, I can change how I handle those circumstances. I can work towards the career that I want, not necessarily the career that I have and I can develop my reputation for my own personal development in the future.

Tracy is probably one of the most motivational people I have ever met, combining a brilliantly intelligent and creative mind, a huge amount of experience and skills with a very warm personality. I would highly recommend her sessions for groups and individuals, I believe that anyone could benefit from a few of hours of Tracy’s enthusiasm and knowledge and I certainly hope to work with her again.