Motivational training based on up-to-date scientific research

We hired Tracy to deliver three two-hour workshops to two groups of people undertaking a personal development and employability programme. We asked that she address motivation, self esteem, confidence and work/life balance.

Tracy exceeded our expectations. She delivered the workshops with high energy and made each one relevant to the group on the day. She is able to engage with young people extremely well and maintain their attention throughout. We found her professional and very genuine with the clients.

Our course participants really enjoyed the training and it served its purpose in renewing their motivation in terms of being able to set work and life goals.

I would highly recommend Tracy as a training provider, she is very knowledgeable, and in particular she keeps abreast of current research and studies, bringing relevance to her workshops. She is able to relate behaviour to science which is one of the reasons she is so engaging.

Would we work with Tracy again? Absolutely!