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Compassionate curiosity

Do you feel stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Lost?

Or maybe excited about a project, but unsure of your next move?

I can help you:

  • Feel better about where and who you are right now
  • Get clear on what you want to do or have, and how you want to be
  • Let go of toxic habits and relationships - and build better ones!
  • Get motivated and plan your next move(s)
  • Learn how to make changes stick (it's never too late!)
  • Learn how to make better decisions and learn faster from mistakes
  • Build confidence in all situations
  • Develop resilience

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Hello, I'm Tracy. For 14 years I've been helping people make positive changes in their lives and careers, creating meaningful work, projects, relationships and adventures. I've developed a flexible coaching toolkit based on up-to-date and original research in cognitive psychology, applied neuroscience and more.

I've a wealth of international experience to draw on too - project managing multi-million-dollar IT projects with global teams, performing in international arts projects, teaching entrepreneurship courses and working with charities, schools, universities, businesses and local government. I've lived, worked and studied in various countries over the years and have clients around the world. I'll share contacts and specialist information that can help you reach your goals - but you stay in the driving seat! You're the expert in your life; I'm an expert in developing a healthy mindset, finding solutions and making changes that stick. Are you ready to get started?


Finally doing what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time

Tracy Dempsey client testimonial - Gabriele Zampieri

Tracy is very motivational, helpful and I like her sense of humour! She showed me how to improve my job interview skills, how to promote myself on social media, how to gain self-confidence. Most importantly, she helped me see my strengths and cope with my weaknesses. I felt so much better after every session.

Tracy showed me how to challenge myself and achieve my goals and now I’m leading a group of people working on an international development programme in Lesotho (southern Africa). I’m finally doing what I had been wanting to do for a long time! I now realise the importance of our sessions for my personal growth; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend coaching with Tracy!

Gabriele Zampieri

Amongst so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff

Tracy Dempsey client testimonials - Liam McGarry

Tracy is a star, friendly, helpful and full of ideas, energy and useful advice. I’d met Tracy a few times at previous events and her personality, coaching background and social media knowledge stood out. She helped me undertake a presentation on social media to a group of digital media start-ups, followed by individual mentoring on presentation skills, which resulted in the participant securing funding. In an area where you can get a lot of so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff, is totally reliable and totally professional. Most of all, Tracy is a pleasure to work with and a person I recommend wholeheartedly.

Liam McGarry

Motivational training based on up-to-date scientific research

Tracy exceeded our expectations. She delivered the workshops with high energy and made each one relevant to the group on the day. She is able to engage with young people extremely well and maintain their attention throughout… She is very knowledgeable, and in particular she keeps abreast of current research and studies, bringing relevance to her workshops. She is able to relate behaviour to science which is one of the reasons she is so engaging. Soul Ambition

Hollie Carroll

Architect of my own future

Tracy Dempsey coaching client - Eilis Phillips

I went to see Tracy as I was feeling dissatified with the direction my career was taking. Even after a brief chat I was able to see my problems in a new light. She helped me face my fears and made me realise that I was the architect of my own future and the only thing holding me back was my own preconceptions of what others thought of me. Her guidance really has benefitted me enormously.

Eilis Phillips

Self-belief and action in difficult times

Grid of squares in tracydempsey.co colours (blues and greens)

When I found myself struggling to find employment after months of applications, it created both self-doubt from constant rejection, and de-motivation from the lack of a definable future. Tracy helped me to look at an achievable strategy for long term goals, beyond my present situation. I regained the focus to make pro-active decisions, the self-belief to act on them, and the motivation to carry through when it was difficult.

C. S. L.