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For over 15 years, I've been helping clients improve their lives, businesses, careers and relationships. If you’d like me to help you in any of these areas, get in touch. Note: confidentiality is a critical part of the coaching relationship; permission was given by each client below to share their feedback and details. Some have opted to share only partial names or initials to maintain privacy, but all are genuine testimonials from clients I've worked with.


From cynicism about coaching to concrete progress

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Over the last three months Tracy has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my career and I could not have steered through these changes without her help. I was very cynical about the whole notion of life coaching at first and definitely didn’t think it was something for me.

Tracy’s coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of my work and to deal with problems and issues in a practical, effective way.

It encouraged me to know Tracy was on my side, cheering me on while pointing out the negative talk in my head and the ways in which I talk myself out of things through my own lack of confidence.

She helped me to clearly identify my own strengths, skills and values and use these as a guide to making decisions, judgements and changes. Our discussions were lively and enjoyable and have given me the ability to focus on concrete things and see them progress. My self-confidence has increased no-end!

Jackie Boyle
Ardoyne Women's Group

Self-belief and action in difficult times

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When I found myself struggling to find employment after months of applications, it created both self-doubt from constant rejection, and de-motivation from the lack of a definable future.

Tracy helped me to look at an achievable strategy for long term goals, beyond my present situation. I regained the focus to make pro-active decisions, the self-belief to act on them, and the motivation to carry through when it was difficult.

C. S. L.

Student workshop: Helpful and inspiring

Photo of Colm McIntyre performing

I attended a workshop at Belfast Metropolitan College and found Tracy’s approach very helpful and inspiring. Her ability to speak about her own experiences and how they can help others was the key element, the message of having belief in your own ability is something we sometimes forget and it’s nice to be reminded that we have power over own lives. I would highly recommend Tracy and her workshops.

Colm McIntyre

Career coaching for work challenges

Following an internal move with my company I found myself dealing with a completely new work environment with new people in a new location. The challenge was extremely difficult and it pushed me to look for guidance and assistance from an external source.

I was wary at first as I did not know what to expect. My self esteem was low as a result of my transfer to an alien environment and I was reluctant to discuss my difficulties with anyone as I felt it was me that was inadequate.

These worries and inhibitions proved to be totally misplaced, Tracy has a relaxed, friendly style that I found put me at ease immediately. She addressed my concerns and worries with the appropriate level of seriousness whilst at the same time maintaining a positive attitude that is enveloping.

The biggest hurdles that I had to overcome were changing my behaviors and attitude and realizing that I myself could and can break old habits. After four sessions I have overcome the difficulties that I faced in the work environment and seemed insurmountable only a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to practicing these lessons learned, with the tools Tracy has given me, in other areas of my life! It is, for me, a reflection on the teacher that the student has excelled beyond his expectations!


Architect of my own future

Tracy Dempsey coaching client - Eilis Phillips

I went to see Tracy as I was feeling dissatified with the direction my career was taking. Even after a brief chat I was able to see my problems in a new light. She helped me face my fears and made me realise that I was the architect of my own future and the only thing holding me back was my own preconceptions of what others thought of me. Her guidance really has benefitted me enormously.

Eilis Phillips

Confidence at work

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After just one session with Tracy I felt re-energised and more focused. She helped me develop a game plan to make the most of my job and the opportunities I’ve been given. It’s great; I feel my situation has completely changed for the better, I am a lot more happier with my life and job as a result and am progressing every day. I can’t recommend Tracy enough. When I first contacted her I had literally no self belief or confidence but now all that has changed for the better! I am now loving my job and my life! Thanks Tracy!

C. D.

Guiding students on stress, organisation & time management

I’ve brought Tracy into the college on numerous occasions. She’s been exceptionally helpful on guiding the [music] students on their career paths, dealing with stress and organisational and time management skills. I’ve also personally found her lectures exceptionally useful. I highly recommend working with Tracy in any format you get the opportunity to do so. She’s exceptionally helpful and a lovely person to be around.

Peter McVeigh

From depression to a new path

Before I started life coaching with Tracy, I was stuck in a rut going nowhere fast. I had lost all sense of direction in my life, it wasn’t surprising that I was suffering from depression as I didn’t do much to help myself during the period of my life that I now call ‘my darkness phase’.

I found it extremely hard to mix with other people, so I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t get along with Tracy, however this really couldn’t have been further from the truth. I immediately warmed to her, as she was friendly, warm, caring, sympathetic, a very good listener, empathetic and above all else has a genuine interest in helping people to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

During my life coaching sessions we focused on improving the non-existent relationship that I had with myself at that time, building up my confidence and increasing my non-existent self esteem, as well as challenging my negative attitude towards everything.

Since ending my life coaching sessions I feel much more positive in everything that I do. I am no longer so hard on myself for any mistakes that I make. I am my own best friend. I have applied for a training course which begins in September. My anti-depressant medication has been reduced and I am eager to be weaned off of the medication altogether now.

I would highly recommend Tracy’s life coaching; ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.

V. G.

Coaching for a successful funding pitch

Tracy Dempsey coaching testimonial - Brian Pelan

I have no hesitation in endorsing Tracy Dempsey. She provided invaluable coaching techniques to me as part of my bid to secure funding, which was successful. I found her to be warm and engaging with loads of creative thinking into how I should prepare my pitch. I would welcome the opportunity to use her services again in the future and would highly recommend her to any new clients or people who want to use her first-class coaching services.

Brian Pelan

A tremendous boost – marked a turnaround

Hi Tracy – thanks so much for your kind and insightful advice last week. It was a tremendous boost and marked such a turnaround for me. I want to let everybody know how uplifting and helpful it was to speak with you and that it was the best hour I’ve spent on the telephone in a very long time!

Wishing you all the best, Roberta

Roberta McDonnell

Inspiring and helpful

Tracy, I’ve just listened to your webinar. Thank you – it was inspiring and helpful. Your voice is full of warmth and understanding. I’ve have been on a spiritual path for a number of years now and ‘coincidences’ seen to occur daily. I signed up for this webinar to help with a possible focus group at work that I’m going on, but this has actually spoken to me instead – as I’m sure it was meant to. Keep doing what you’re doing as you do it so well.

With love and light, Carole

Carole Whitcomb

A clear thinker who puts the most complex yet obvious things into context

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If your confidence, motivation and emotional resilience has taken a knocking recently, possibly due to major changes in your work and/or personal circumstances, or you wonder how you will cope with all the changes happening around you daily, take some time to listen to Tracy Dempsey. I did just that and found her life story and approach to life as inspirational, refreshing and thought-provoking.

She is a clear thinker who puts the most complex yet obvious things into context. She made me lift my head from my chest to look forward and got me thinking that I too can change my life story.

Wendy Henry

Helped me realise how to make my dreams happen

Hi Tracy, just a quick email out to say thank you and show my appreciation of your help in the past. I’m writing this from Georgia, USA. Have spent the last two months as a working student on a ranch and its been amazing! I left my office job in Belfast in July, I have travelled eastern Europe, now 2 weeks left here, then back home for Christmas and a new job in Germany with horses lined up for the new year. You really helped me realise how to make my dreams happen and they really are now!

I’m really the happiest I’ve been in ages.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Claire Douglas

Helped me get accepted into top international NGO

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Tracy helped me to develop a CV, cover letter and Linkedin page for my summer internship position in an international research institute. As I am not a native English speaker, nor wrote any English CV and cover letter before, I was in trouble with finding right expressions and organizing the structure of the body of the document.

In addition to the grammatical correction, building the structure of the document and making it coherent really helped me a lot and I finally got accepted by the institute. Tracy was really passionate about helping me to make the document perfect condition. We revised and exchanged it countless times through e-mail and had Skype calls to make sure if everything is in order.

She always tried to cheer me and to give positive inspiration with a strong sense of responsibility. I can strongly recommend coaching with Tracy to anyone!

Ms Kim
South Korea

Hugely inspirational keynote speaker

Tracy was the key speaker at a seminar I attended in the early days of establishing my Inspired Events Company. Naturally taking the leap into self-employment was an experience that brought nerves and concerns. However, as I watched Tracy … deliver the talk entitled “Dream it! Do it! Love it!” I realised that anything is possible. It was hugely inspirational.

Tracy is a straight-talking, dedicated and focused professional and more than that she is also warm and approachable. If you need motivation, direction or centring Tracy Dempsey is the woman to talk to.

Ciara Allen
Events Manager, Inspired Events Company

First class and inspirational

I have engaged with Tracy on a number of occasions to provide services for Ortus and the Eisenhower Fellowships.

Her work is first class and inspirational. She has a very good grasp of social networking and provided enthusiasm and professionalism when delivering the sessions.

The feedback from participants was 5/5 and I would have no hesitation in using her again.

Seamus O'Prey

Motivational training based on up-to-date scientific research

We hired Tracy to deliver three two-hour workshops to two groups of people undertaking a personal development and employability programme. We asked that she address motivation, self esteem, confidence and work/life balance.

Tracy exceeded our expectations. She delivered the workshops with high energy and made each one relevant to the group on the day. She is able to engage with young people extremely well and maintain their attention throughout. We found her professional and very genuine with the clients.

Our course participants really enjoyed the training and it served its purpose in renewing their motivation in terms of being able to set work and life goals.

I would highly recommend Tracy as a training provider, she is very knowledgeable, and in particular she keeps abreast of current research and studies, bringing relevance to her workshops. She is able to relate behaviour to science which is one of the reasons she is so engaging.

Would we work with Tracy again? Absolutely!

Hollie Carroll
Intermediary Labour Market Project Officer, Derry City Council

Demotivated despite counselling – learned how to handle things better

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I’ve always found my current working environment to be quite stagnant and having gone through a major personal crisis I was struggling desperately to concentrate and find motivation. My colleagues were very patient but I was utterly miserable and achieved very little on a day to day basis. I didn’t really know what way to turn, I was already getting counselling but this wasn’t really addressing specific work issues and my lack of motivation.

I had not been functioning properly for several months and it was starting to become obvious to clients and partners, moreover, I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.

Having met Tracy through work on a couple of occasions I knew she was an extremely creative and motivational person so when I saw her advertisement for one-to-one sessions…I felt it could be really beneficial for me.

I had two hour-long telephone sessions with Tracy. During these we did a lot of talking! We looked at my motivation and self-worth within my current workplace, we explored the barriers (hurdles as Tracy calls them) and ways over and around them. Tracy clearly had a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of motivational tools and theories and I found this to be extremely useful. She also was able to give me great tips to encourage my creative development.

I guess though, what stands out most to me is how Tracy made me see that although I cannot currently change my circumstances, I can change how I handle those circumstances. I can work towards the career that I want, not necessarily the career that I have and I can develop my reputation for my own personal development in the future.

Tracy is probably one of the most motivational people I have ever met, combining a brilliantly intelligent and creative mind, a huge amount of experience and skills with a very warm personality. I would highly recommend her sessions for groups and individuals, I believe that anyone could benefit from a few of hours of Tracy’s enthusiasm and knowledge and I certainly hope to work with her again.

A. S.

Getting back on track after redundancy

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I was devastated last year when I was made redundant. I quickly felt my self-esteem and confidence leaving me as I struggled to come to terms with being unemployed for the first time in my adult life. Tracy really helped me get back on track, firstly by helping me realise that what had happened to me was not my fault. The economic downturn was beyond my control, what I needed to do was concentrate on the things I could control and focus on staying positive.
We worked on interview techniques, which really helped me stay calm and focused during the real things.

Thankfully it wasn’t long before I got back into employment, but I would recommend Tracy to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Her relaxed attitude makes her really easy to talk to.

Susan B.

Professional, informed and entertaining

Tracy worked on various speech based programmes with me on BBC Radio Ulster. Her input was that of a co-presenter and specialist guest.

Tracy was an excellent addition to the programming and was vital to the output. She was professional, informed and entertaining. Her tone, expertise and professionalism were complimented by her broadcast friendly voice.

Vinny Hurrell
Radio producer & presenter

Amongst so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff

Tracy Dempsey client testimonials - Liam McGarry

Tracy is a star, friendly, helpful and full of ideas, energy and useful advice. I’d met Tracy a few times at previous events and her personality, coaching background and social media knowledge stood out. She helped me undertake a presentation on social media to a group of digital media start-ups, followed by individual mentoring on presentation skills, which resulted in the participant securing funding. In an area where you can get a lot of so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff, is totally reliable and totally professional. Most of all, Tracy is a pleasure to work with and a person I recommend wholeheartedly.

Liam McGarry
Liam McGarry Consulting

Transforming a difficult relationship

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Tracy was an enormous help to me with an extremely difficult situation I was having at work. I had been struggling with this situation for six months, but Tracy was able to challenge me into seeing the situation from the other person’s perspective – a difficult thing to do at the time! Once I absorbed her advice, things quickly started to improve. I would heartily and happily recommend Tracy as an intelligent, perceptive life coach who is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and help clients to set things on a more positive path.

S. H.
Belfast, UK

Finally doing what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time

Tracy Dempsey client testimonial - Gabriele Zampieri

Tracy completely met my expectations. She is very motivational, helpful and I like her sense of humour! She showed me how to improve my job interview skills, how to promote myself on social media, how to gain self-confidence. Most importantly, she helped me see my strengths and cope with my weaknesses. I felt so much better after every session.

Tracy showed me how to challenge myself and achieve my goals and now I’m leading a group of people working on an international development programme in Lesotho (southern Africa). I’m finally doing what I had been wanting to do for a long time! I feel our work here is important. I now realise the importance of our sessions for my personal growth; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend coaching with Tracy!

Gabriele Zampieri
ICS Team Leader

Landed job I wanted in new industry

Tracy Dempsey client testimonial - Nick Fitzsimons

Tracy provided energy and focus for my job search, pointing out things I might’ve missed in my CV, skills and experiences that I could highlight to make me more attractive to employers as well as helping with interview techniques and approaches that improved not just the number of interviews I was getting, but the quality of performance in those interviews. Tracy’s experience and advice helped me re-frame my experience for employers in my target industry, despite my having little to no direct experience in that industry.

Tracy’s advice helped me to improve and perform well in a series of interviews and I landed the job I wanted in the new industry, where I’ve been happily working for over 6 months. Would I recommend her? Absolutely and without question.

Nick Fitzsimons

Helped break down that feeling of overwhelm

Having recently relocated to Belfast from Burma I was looking for some guidance about re-starting my acting career and how to juggle that with other creative work and motherhood, as well as everything that goes with a major move to a new city. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed! Within 5 minutes of our first conversation Tracy had pointed out several observations, ferreted out my true motivation and suggested some concrete action points. In fact I came away from that first session with pages of suggested techniques and a timetable of tasks to help me achieve my goal.

Discovering what fed my creative soul was invaluable and some of the suggested exercises have now become habit. I’m delighted to say I very quickly found an agent and I continue to make progress with my acting and my writing. Tracy helped to break down that feeling of overwhelm to manageable pieces and made me feel like I was in control again. We all need a Tracy in our lives at times – I can’t recommend her enough!

Vicky Blades

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