Do you need an engaging and passionate keynote/motivational speaker or MC for your event? How about an educational and entertaining webinar for your employees or clients? Perhaps you’re looking for an eloquent subject matter expert for your radio or television show?

Keynote/Motivational Speaker

If you need an experienced, professional and energetic speaker on the topics outlined below, get in touch. I’ve been hired as a motivational speaker for various business events, leadership programmes, youth programmes and community events, and have given talks for Bright Club, at CultureTech, and at BarCamp, BizCamp and CreativeCamp. I’ve also been hired to deliver topical webinars on personal development and wellbeing. My specialist talks and themes are:

  • My personal story of overcoming inner demons and depression to create a life I love
  • Dream It. Do It. Love It!* – a talk tailored to your specific audience on developing vision, an action plan, resilience and gratitude for life changes
  • Wellbeing* – including mindfulness, stress management, confidence and self-management
  • Digital media* – from talks to stakeholders discussing the benefits, costs, risks and opportunities of various social media strategies, to talks for professionals, students and young people on managing their online profile and reputation, to talks and chaired discussions on the impact of our connected world on our wellbeing and relationships – including:
  • Digital Love – an entertaining talk I developed for Bright Club, a mash-up between the worlds of comedy and academia. My talk covers the psychology of online dating, personas and social dynamics in social networking
  • Creativity* – tailored talks on creative problem-solving, idea generation, innovation and connected thinking
  • Hire Me – I’m Worth It* – motivational talks for job-seekers, with strategies for improving chances of success as well as developing confidence and resilience whilst job hunting
  • Effective networking* – talks on building stellar relationships on- and off-line to create opportunities for helping yourself and others turn vision into reality. I’ve delivered such talks to students, musicians, entrepreneurs and other professionals

*Workshops/breakout sessions or longer training programmes also available – read more

Here are a few snippets of feedback from my talks and webinars:

“If your confidence, motivation and emotional resilience has taken a knocking recently possibly due to major changes in your work and/or personal circumstances, or you wonder how you will cope with all the changes happening around you daily, take some time to listen to Tracy Dempsey… I did just that and found her life story and approach to life as inspirational, refreshing and thought-provoking. She is a clear thinker who puts the most complex yet obvious things into context. She made me lift my head from my chest to look forward and got me thinking that I too can change my life story”

“In an area where you can get a lot of so-called experts, Tracy knows her stuff, is totally reliable and totally professional”

“It was so refreshing to be talked to, and not talked at”

“Tracy was the key speaker at a seminar I attended in the early days of establishing my Inspired Events Company. Naturally taking the leap into self-employment was an experience that brought nerves and concerns. However, as I watched Tracy … deliver the talk entitled “Dream it! Do it! Love it!” I realised that anything is possible. It was hugely inspirational. Tracy is a straight-talking, dedicated and focused professional”

“Tracy, I’ve just listened to your webinar. Thank you – it was inspiring and helpful. Your voice is full of warmth and understanding”

Read more on the testimonials page.

New topics coming soon

I’m currently developing material on music and the brain/music and wellbeing; I’m studying a Master’s in Music, Mind and Technology in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland – more info to come here and on the Dream It. Do It. Love It! blog.


I’ve chaired discussions on arts and culture, emceed various gigs and arts events (including for the Belfast Mela international festival, Belfast Unconvention and the Féile Rocks festival) and compèred the NI music showcase at MIDEM 2009, in Cannes. In English and French – how very Eurovision.

I’m the creator and performing host of the Soul Ambition Sofa Sessions, an eclectic, international cabaret featuring music, poetry, art, film and more. At these events, I bring together local and international artists and chat to them about their work in between performances. Founded in 2010, in 2012 I was invited to move the Sofa Sessions to the prestigious Ulster Hall for its 150th Festival, Culture Night Belfast and Belfast Music Week. If you’d like me to host one for your festival, get in touch!

Radio + Television

I’ve been a guest speaker, panellist and co-presenter on various radio and television programmes (Ulster Television, BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Headspace, Citybeat, Blast 106, LiveWire, The Clinic), covering topics on personal development, wellbeing, the arts, travel and light entertainment. I’m currently creating online content for SoulAmbitionTV.

If you need a guest for your show to talk about any of the topics mentioned, get in touch, and note that for each topic discussed above, I can deliver tailored training and workshop packages. I’m currently splitting my time between Spain and the UK/Ireland, but can record remotely or travel, based on need and availability.

“Tracy worked on various speech-based programmes with me on the station. Her input was that of a co-presenter and specialist guest. Tracy was an excellent addition to the programming and was vital to the output. She was professional, informed and entertaining. Her tone, expertise and professionalism were complimented by her broadcast-friendly voice.”

Vinny Hurrell, Radio Producer at BBC Radio Ulster