Career coaching for work challenges

Following an internal move with my company I found myself dealing with a completely new work environment with new people in a new location. The challenge was extremely difficult and it pushed me to look for guidance and assistance from an external source.

I was wary at first as I did not know what to expect. My self esteem was low as a result of my transfer to an alien environment and I was reluctant to discuss my difficulties with anyone as I felt it was me that was inadequate.

These worries and inhibitions proved to be totally misplaced, Tracy has a relaxed, friendly style that I found put me at ease immediately. She addressed my concerns and worries with the appropriate level of seriousness whilst at the same time maintaining a positive attitude that is enveloping.

The biggest hurdles that I had to overcome were changing my behaviors and attitude and realizing that I myself could and can break old habits. After four sessions I have overcome the difficulties that I faced in the work environment and seemed insurmountable only a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to practicing these lessons learned, with the tools Tracy has given me, in other areas of my life! It is, for me, a reflection on the teacher that the student has excelled beyond his expectations!