From depression to a new path

Before I started life coaching with Tracy, I was stuck in a rut going nowhere fast. I had lost all sense of direction in my life, it wasn’t surprising that I was suffering from depression as I didn’t do much to help myself during the period of my life that I now call ‘my darkness phase’.

I found it extremely hard to mix with other people, so I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t get along with Tracy, however this really couldn’t have been further from the truth. I immediately warmed to her, as she was friendly, warm, caring, sympathetic, a very good listener, empathetic and above all else has a genuine interest in helping people to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

During my life coaching sessions we focused on improving the non-existent relationship that I had with myself at that time, building up my confidence and increasing my non-existent self esteem, as well as challenging my negative attitude towards everything.

Since ending my life coaching sessions I feel much more positive in everything that I do. I am no longer so hard on myself for any mistakes that I make. I am my own best friend. I have applied for a training course which begins in September. My anti-depressant medication has been reduced and I am eager to be weaned off of the medication altogether now.

I would highly recommend Tracy’s life coaching; ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.